Animal Welfare Certification Programs

Animal welfare certified


bcfarmBC SPCA Certified

The BC SPCA is the only animal protection organization in Canada that has set up a program to assure consumers that the animal products carrying the BCSPCA Certified label come from farms that passed the BC SPCA’s animal welfare standards. These standards are based on those of the UK-based RSPCA’s Freedom Foods program and exceed the national recommended codes of practice set up by the Canadian federal government for animal husbandry.
US & International

welfareapprovedWelfare Approved

Animal Welfare Institute’s “Welfare Approved” program has the highest standards for the humane treatment of animals. AWI is a non-profit organization set up to reduce the amount of pain and suffering farm animals endure. On “Welfare Approved” farms, animals have the space to move around freely, socialize and conduct natural behaviours that are essential to their health.

certifiedhumaneCertified Humane

Humane Farm Animal Care’s “Certified Humane” program is the only certified label that requires the humane treatment of farm animals from their birth until their death. In the case of egg-laying hens, the birds have enough space to stretch their wings, enough food and water and proper shelter. HFAC standards require dustbathing, perches and have strict air quality requirements. Producers also must complete the food safety and environmental standards.

rspcaFreedom Foods

Freedom Foods is the animal welfare food label of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Located in England and Wales, the RSPCA is a leader in animal welfare issues and was the first organization in the world to introduce an animal welfare-based food label. Each certified farm must adhere to the strict standards that include each stage of an animal’s life. These standards are regulated on a yearly basis with random checks throughout the year and include animal transportation.

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