Ask these stores to stop selling cruel glue traps

Glue traps are a cruel method of rodent control, designed to trap, but not kill, rats and mice. They cause extreme animal suffering because they trap mice or rats in an adhesive substance from which they can’t escape. The result is that they often die a long, slow, agonizing death of starvation, dehydration and exhaustion.

These traps also target animals indiscriminately – other small animals such as kittens and birds can be caught.  They have been banned for household use in New Zealand, Ireland and the State of Victoria in Australia.  They are also opposed by most animal welfare organizations around the world, including the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and the national SPCAs of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Public health and safety must be protected and lethal measures may be necessary, for example, to keep food safe from contamination.  But the glue trap is the least humane method available.  Snap traps, at least kill animals instantly. (They should be purchased from wildlife control professionals, who can advise on their use.)  The need for lethal methods can also be greatly reduced by prevention and exclusion measures.  The BC SPCA has published detailed information on more humane household rodent control here and has also launched AnimalKind, a wildlife and rodent control accreditation program for wildlife control companies.

Ask these stores to stop selling glue traps

VHS has asked four major Canadian retailers (Walmart Canada, Canadian Tire, Rona and Home Depot) to stop selling glue traps but none of them has responded.  Please take a moment to send a message to these companies, urging them to take glue traps off their shelves. 

Click on READ THE PETITION to see the email message, then click Sign Now to send the email. (SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE TO EMAIL ALL FOUR STORES.)