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If you hate this…

… help us fight it. .   The Vancouver Humane Society will be carrying its campaign against rodeo cruelty into 2014.  If you’re opposed to abusing animals for the sake of entertainment, we hope you’ll support us.   Thank you to everyone who helped with our 2013 campaign. . .     .

Canada – a plant protein superpower?

Not long ago, we had an article published in the Vancouver Sun about the importance of Canada’s pulse crops (lentils, chickpeas, dried peas and beans). It may seem odd for a humane society to be enthusiastic about a somewhat obscure agricultural product, but these humble legumes could save millions of animals from factory farm misery. How? – by helping to meet the growing global

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VHS opposes grizzly hunt expansion

VHS has written to B.C.’s environment minister, Steve Thompson, to express our opposition to the expansion of the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in the province. The government is proposing to implement grizzly hunting in the Kootenay and Cariboo regions, where it is currently banned, and is asking for feedback from the public on the plan (see below). The proposal comes just weeks after

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Shop and eat cruelty-free this Christmas

If you’re looking to do some cruelty-free Christmas shopping or stock up on vegetarian or vegan goodies, here are a few excellent businesses we recommend. . Vegan Yarn Studio Vegan Yarn Studio is a local business that hand dyes and sells their own cruelty free vegan yarn in their home studio.  Not to be missed if you’re part of Vancouver’s knitting community! 422 Fader

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Investigate our new website!

Hey VHS supporters and animal advocates everywhere, check out our new website! Have a browse through the site, especially our Campaigns and Achievements sections – and feel free to visit the Donate page! Thank you to Miles Linklater at 24pt Helvetica for doing such a great job in putting the site together (and for being so patient). Many thanks to the Vancouver Foundation for their

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Majority of BC residents oppose rodeos, trophy hunts and killing animals for fur

A majority of British Columbians are opposed to rodeos, according to a poll by research company Insights West. The poll found that 56% of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeos, with only 38% in favour of them. The poll also revealed that large majorities of people in B.C. are opposed to trophy hunting and killing animals for fur. “Across British Columbia, only one-in-ten residents

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Support Giving Tuesday on Dec. 3rd!

Most people have heard of Black Friday, which is used by retailers to kick off the holiday shopping season.  But have you heard of Giving Tuesday?  It’s a movement to promote December 3rd as a day to give back and to support causes you believe in. VHS has joined this important movement and we hope that on December 3rd you’ll remember the work we

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Gardein: A pioneer in meat-free products

Gardein founder Yves Potvin talks to VHS about the popularity of meat alternatives. VHS encourages people to transition to a plant-based diet because reducing or eliminating meat consumption ensures fewer animals will suffer on cruel factory farms or be killed in slaughterhouses. But many people who have always had meat at the centre of their meals find making that transition difficult.  Sure, there are

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Tell stores to drop cruel glue traps

Imagine walking to the store. Suddenly, you can’t lift your feet from the ground – they’re mired in glue so sticky that you can’t lift them out. You scream and fight to get loose, but nobody helps you. You get thirsty and hungry, but there’s nothing you can do. After hours, maybe even days, you eventually succumb to dehydration, starvation, exhaustion and/or exposure. Can

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