Vancouver Humane Society chicken float in Vancouver Gay Pride parade

VHS is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals. Our goal is to educate the public, businesses and governments on what each one of us can do to help reduce the suffering of animals in Canada. Our area of focus is specifically on large issues that are underrepresented in the Canadian animal protection movement.


Getting chickens out of cages

Our ChickenOUT! campaign helped put an end to cruel battery cages in Canada but the fight isn’t over.  Some producers are turning to “enriched cages”, which are not significantly more humane that battery cages. The best way to help hens is to avoid buying eggs altogether, but if you do buy eggs make sure they are cage-free and certified free-range. More information.



Helping sick and injured animals

Our Direct Animal Emergency Assistance campaign provides funding for low-cost spay/neuter and emergency medical services for companion animals in need (when financially possible) through our McVitie fund.

It’s a lifesaving service but the demand for help is overwhelming.  We do our best to help as many animals as we can.


Working to end rodeo cruelty

RodeoCalf roping 05crop is cruel to animals because it unnecessarily subjects them to fear, pain, stress and the risk of injury or death for the purpose of human entertainment. That’s why VHS is committed to eliminating cruel rodeo events wherever possible. And we’ve had some major successes – encouraging the Cloverdale Rodeo to drop four key roping events in 2007 and helping to get a ban on rodeo in the City of Vancouver in 2006. With your support we can do more.


Fighting factory farming

Factory farming is expanding around the world to meet our insatiable demand for cheap meat. Consequently, billions more animals are being confined in inhumane conditions before being slaughtered. On top of causing incalculable animal suffering, meat production and consumption is destroying our environment and putting our health at risk. VHS is urging citizens, businesses and government to reduce meat consumption and end cruel factory farming practices through our Meatless Monday and Go Veg campaigns.


Challenging captivity

We work to reduce the suffering of captive and performing animals, whether they are held in zoos or aquariums, kept as exotic pets or forced to perform in circuses.

Animals should be free to engage in natural behaviours and not forced to provide entertainment. Please help by boycotting exotic animal displays and supporting our work.