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McVitie Fund Challenge Grant issued again!!

A generous anonymous donor has once again issued a Challenge to our supporters! Every donation to the McVitie Fund from now until May, 2018 will be doubled, up to a total of $20,000!!

Every year we help hundreds of animals with broken legs, infections, injuries and other emergency medical issues. Without you, it just wouldn’t be possible. Thank you again!


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The McVitie Fund

The McVitie Fund is named in memory of a little ginger cat named McVitie, who was rescued in Portugal and brought back to Canada by a VHS supporter. McVitie lived a long and happy life, but when he became ill, his guardian did everything he could to save him. After McVitie passed, his guardian wanted to help other people who find themselves without the resources to help their beloved pets. Most of the people we help are living on disability income or old age pensions. Their animals already have loving homes – we just help keep them there! VHS also helps low-income individuals spay or neuter their companion animals. We work with local vets who provide us with low-cost care, so that we can stretch our donation dollars as far as possible. Your donation of $50 will spay/neuter, tattoo and provide vaccinations for one cat. Thank you for helping us help animals!

Cleo Mar 2016A New Life For Cleo

This sweet little cat was abandoned when her guardians were evicted for not paying rent. George, who lives in a recovery house, was getting his life back together and had a job renovating the suite when he noticed that there was a hungry little cat always waiting for him. The last day of the job, he noticed Cleo was limping badly. George rushed her to the vet and was prepared to spend all the money he had earned, but it wasn’t enough – Cleo not only needed surgery and medication for her leg, but also desperately needed dental extractions – she had several painful broken teeth. George reached out to VHS and we were able to help. Thankfully, George was granted permission to take his new friend home. He told us that Cleo has given him something to live for and is helping in his recovery.

We’ve helped hundreds of animals like Cleo (and sometimes even their rescuers!) but there are so many more that need us – that’s where the McVitie Fund comes in!

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