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Dairy farm cruelty – What YOU can do

Many people have contacted VHS about the terrible animal cruelty exposed at Chilliwack Cattle Sales, Canada’s largest dairy farm. VHS has published an opinion editorial in the Vancouver Sun, giving our reaction to this horrific example of factory farm mistreatment. People everywhere are appalled at the unconcionable brutality inflicted on the animals and want to know what to do to help prevent such abuse.  Here are

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Thank you to everyone who fought against cruelty at the Luxton rodeo

The campaign against animal cruelty at the Luxton rodeo in Langford, B.C. has gained an unstoppable momentum thanks to the support of compassionate citizens .     Many people on Vancouver Island and across B.C. supported the campaign against cruel rodeo events in Langford, near Victoria.  VHS would like to thank everyone who supported this effort. VHS partnered with Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events

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Celebrities and animal welfare

.   By Peter Fricker, VHS projects and communications director. This article was originally published online in the Georgia Straight on February 6, 2013. .   Animal lovers around the world have applauded the many music industry artists who have cancelled appearances at SeaWorld after the documentary Blackfish exposed the inhumane captivity of orca whales at the Florida marine park. Acts like the Barenaked Ladies (who

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Does Heart have a heart for rodeo animals?

Animal advocates in North America and around the world have been thrilled with the decision by a number of music industry artists to cancel concerts at SeaWorld, the controversial marine park in Florida. The cancellations were sparked by the stunning impact of the film Blackfish, which exposed the suffering of captive Orca whales at marine parks.  Online petitions and social media postings targeted the

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The animals need you

It’s the end of the year.  We hope all our supporters and animal lovers everywhere are having a great holiday season. We’re looking forward to helping all the animals who, sadly, are not having such a great time.  We’re going to help the sick and injured ones and we’re going to speak out on behalf of those subjected to cruelty and abuse. Whether it’s

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If you hate this…

… help us fight it. .   The Vancouver Humane Society will be carrying its campaign against rodeo cruelty into 2014.  If you’re opposed to abusing animals for the sake of entertainment, we hope you’ll support us.   Thank you to everyone who helped with our 2013 campaign. . .     .

A special cat is home for Christmas

Tucker is a feisty gray and white cat who found his forever home with Lindsey four years ago. They are best friends and more – Lindsey has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and this is how she describes Tucker: “He is the sweetest cat, he loves me so much and sleeps right beside me on my pillow every night. He always greets me at

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VHS opposes grizzly hunt expansion

VHS has written to B.C.’s environment minister, Steve Thompson, to express our opposition to the expansion of the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in the province. The government is proposing to implement grizzly hunting in the Kootenay and Cariboo regions, where it is currently banned, and is asking for feedback from the public on the plan (see below). The proposal comes just weeks after

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Shop and eat cruelty-free this Christmas

If you’re looking to do some cruelty-free Christmas shopping or stock up on vegetarian or vegan goodies, here are a few excellent businesses we recommend. . Vegan Yarn Studio Vegan Yarn Studio is a local business that hand dyes and sells their own cruelty free vegan yarn in their home studio.  Not to be missed if you’re part of Vancouver’s knitting community! 422 Fader

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