Facing jail for giving pigs water

    Media in Ontario are reporting that an animal activist, Anita Krajnc, is willing to go to jail rather that face fines or a conditional sentence for giving water to pigs being transported to slaughter. Krajnc is a co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, which holds vigils outside slaughterhouses to draw attention to the plight of pigs and other animals who endure cruel transport and

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Is the tide turning against rodeo in Canada?

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur .   There are encouraging signs that attitudes toward rodeo and chuckwagon races in Canada may be changing, if independent opinion in mainstream media is anything to go by. A recent editorial in the Vancouver Sun said that it was “hard to argue” with the description of the Calgary Stampede as “a spectacle of animal abuse.” In the same week, a

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Bearing witness to factory farm cruelty

This month, Mother Jones Magazine ran a harrowing account of animal cruelty on an American pig farm. The article, an excerpt from a new book on factory farming by journalist Ted Genoways, focuses on an undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which exposed farm workers meting out savage beatings to helpless pigs. The story and an accompanying PETA video

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Appalling cruelty in animal transport

VHS demands action from government     Undercover footage taken by Mercy for Animals/Canada revealed that Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors failed to stop blatant abuse of pigs being transported to slaughter in Red Deer, Alberta. VHS is calling for enforcement of existing laws and updated legislation to protect these vulnerable animals (see our letter below). Please contact Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the

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Buy an Animal Cruelty Awearness Band and support VHS

VHS is partnering with Animal Rescue Crusade (ARC) in its effort to bring attention to animal issues through International Animal Cruelty Awearness Bands – cool wristbands with a message. Just visit the ARC/VHS partner page to purchase a band.  For every awearness band purchased, VHS will receive $5.00 toward our work to help animals. The mission is to bring awareness to all animal cruelty

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Does this horse look happy?

The photo above is of a bucking horse at the Calgary Stampede. Look closely at the horse’s face in the photo below.  Can anyone honestly say they think the horse is enjoying the experience? Rodeo promoters say that horses in the bareback and saddle-bronc events love to buck, that it’s natural, that the horses are “born to buck.”  It’s true that they are bred

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Thank you to everyone who fought against cruelty at the Luxton rodeo

The campaign against animal cruelty at the Luxton rodeo in Langford, B.C. has gained an unstoppable momentum thanks to the support of compassionate citizens .     Many people on Vancouver Island and across B.C. supported the campaign against cruel rodeo events in Langford, near Victoria.  VHS would like to thank everyone who supported this effort. VHS partnered with Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events

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Does Heart have a heart for rodeo animals?

Animal advocates in North America and around the world have been thrilled with the decision by a number of music industry artists to cancel concerts at SeaWorld, the controversial marine park in Florida. The cancellations were sparked by the stunning impact of the film Blackfish, which exposed the suffering of captive Orca whales at marine parks.  Online petitions and social media postings targeted the

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If you hate this…

… help us fight it. .   The Vancouver Humane Society will be carrying its campaign against rodeo cruelty into 2014.  If you’re opposed to abusing animals for the sake of entertainment, we hope you’ll support us.   Thank you to everyone who helped with our 2013 campaign. . .     .