Don’t forget sick and injured animals this Christmas

Our new bus shelter ad in Vancouver is a timely reminder that sick and injured animals need your help. VHS is running the ad until January 5 to seek support for our McVitie Fund for emergency veterinary care.  With your help hundreds of animals will get desperately needed treatment and more will be spayed or neutered.         Watch for our ad around

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Please help animals like Charlie on Giving Tuesday!

It’s Giving Tuesday, the day Canadians and people around the world give back to their communities and help others.  VHS is asking you to help animals today – Animals like Charlie, pictured left. Charlie had swallowed a rock, which needed to be surgically removed right away. His guardians didn’t have the money for this expensive surgery, so VHS stepped in to help. Although he

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VHS news release on chuckwagon incidents

July 8, 2014 Vancouver Humane Society says chuckwagon race fundamentally unsafe Man injured, horse dead in separate incidents at Calgary Stampede Vancouver – The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) says the Calgary Stampede should suspend its chuckwagon races after a man was injured and a horse was killed in separate incidents at the Stampede chuckwagon track today. “We are extremely sad to hear about these

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Yes, rodeos ARE cruel

Despite what rodeo promoters say, the evidence is clear that the animals suffer .   Early on, the controversy over the Luxton Pro Rodeo in Langford, B.C. revolved around Pamela Anderson’s Twitter intervention, dubious allegations about harassment of rodeo sponsors and how the upkeep of the Luxton Fairgrounds can best be funded. Finally, the media focus is now on the animals. The central question

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Our new bus ad

Watch for our new ad, which is running on TransLink buses in Vancouver. We hope it encourages people to think about their food choices. There are millions of animals suffering on factory farms.  We can all help them by making compassionate choices.  More information here.

New shocks follow Europe’s horsemeat scandal!

The horsemeat scandal that has rocked Europe may be just the tip of the iceberg, as new revelations about the food supply emerge.  European consumers expressed revulsion when it was revealed that frozen lasagne and other products where contaminated with up to 100 per cent horsemeat. But now a new shock about food products has turned the stomachs of shoppers and diners in Britain

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Can you help find Levi?

Levi, a mini Australian Shepherd, went missing on December 18 in the area of 13th Avenue and Clark Drive in Vancouver.  He was last seen on December 23 near Kingsway and Glen. His guardians are desperate to find him and have advised that he is extremely shy and will run away if called or chased.  So if you see him please call 778-847-7045.  He is

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Tonka’s back on her paws

It doesn’t look like it, but this little girl had a lucky break.  Seven-month-old Tonka fell off a deck earlier this year and snapped both her front legs.  Her horrified guardians rushed her to a vet where her legs were set in casts, but they also learned she would need surgery to insert pins and plates that would save the use of Tonka’s legs. 

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