Chilliwack election candidates asked for position on controversial rodeo

The Chilliwack Fair rodeo has attracted controversy over its treatment of animals. This year VHS released photos of an electric prod in use at the bull-riding event at the rodeo.


VHS survey of of candidates in Chilliwack municipal election

VHS has asked candidates for Chilliwack Mayor and Council to state their position on the controversial Chilliwack Fair rodeo, as a new poll reveals that most Chilliwack residents are opposed to rodeos. The poll found that 52% of residents opposed the rodeo, with 40% in favour.

We asked each candidate: “Are you in favour of the Chilliwack Fair continuing without the rodeo?”

Below is a list of candidates, showing their responses to VHS’s survey, which was sent on September 25. (To contact a candidate, click on their name to email.  Please keep any correspondence polite and respectful.)

Candidates for the office of Mayor:

Brigida Crosbie: No response

Sharon Gaetz: No response

Ken Popove: No response

Dave Rowan: No response

Sam Waddington: No response

Candidates for the office of Councillor:

Sue Attrill: No response

Terry Cross: No response

Louis De Jaeger

“Having grown up in Winnipeg my family often visited my aunt and uncle’s farm in Arborg, Manitoba. I was lucky enough to be handed down skills from my cousins including horse riding, and how to feed and care for many animals that they raised. At a young age I had the chance to participate in a small town rodeo showing my horse Skippy, I think I still have the 5th place show ribbon.

“I believe that safety must be the utmost priority for the rodeo at the Chilliwack Fair. I encourage the Humane Society to continue to play a leading role in monitoring and working with Event Organizers and the BC Rodeo Association to improve safety standards and strengthen the relationships of all involved. I would encourage the organizers of the Chilliwack Fair and the BC Rodeo Association to do the same.”

Cameron Hull: No response

Chris Kloot: No response

Jason Lum: No response

Patti MacAhonic: No response

Sandy Mathies: No response

Bud Mercer: No response

Lisa Morry: No response

Jeff Shields: No response

Ken Smith: No response

Debora Soutar: No response

Harv Westeringh: No response