Circus on the run!

The circus is coming to the PNE.  And we need to stop it.

VHS supporters will recall that the Royal Canadian Circus was scheduled to appear at Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver from May 12th to 14th, but after VHS encouraged the public to complain to Concord Pacific about the circus’s questionable animal welfare record, the venue was switched to the PNE.  It’s not too late to let the PNE know how you feel about its decision to host this performance.

This circus is put on by the U.S.-based Tarzan Zerbini Circus, which has a reportedly poor animal welfare record with regard to its treatment of elephants, as detailed in this 2016 article in the Ottawa Citizen and in this report by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This gives us concerns about the welfare of other animals in its care. 

The article in the Citizen, by the Harvard Law School’s Animal Law & Policy Fellow, reveals that the Zerbini Circus has been cited for animal welfare violations in the U.S. and states that it “has featured elephants who are kept chained and forced to perform under threat of punishment.”

The PETA report says the circus failed to “meet minimum federal standards for the care of animals” used in exhibition, as established in the Animal Welfare Act in the U.S. It states that in 2011 the USDA “cited Tarzan Zerbini for failure to prevent elephants from being exposed to tuberculosis (TB).”

While it is VHS’s understanding that the Vancouver performance of the Royal Canadian Circus will feature only domestic animals and not exotic animals (which is prohibited by City of Vancouver bylaw), its parent company’s animal welfare record raises serious concerns.  Consequently, we are urging the public not to attend the Royal Canadian Circus’s performances.

We are also asking the public to complain to the PNE about hosting this circus.

Please email the PNE and politely ask them to cancel the performance of the Royal Canadian Circus.

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  1. Please cancel the Royal Canadian Circus..Animals are not entertainment in this enlightened age.

  2. It is a very bad decision to host this circus. The Tarzan Zerbini Circus has a poor animal care history and people are no longer putting up with animal abuse. Animals are not ours to abuse and use for whatever purpose that feeds our bank accounts. Circuses are on their way out, and none too soon.

    It will be bad business to host any venue that uses animals for entertainment. Please don’t even consider this.

  3. The Royal Canadian Circus is nothing to be proud of, by he contrary is an embarrassment. Please think this over and stop it from happening.

  4. Please cancel the circus. Circuses are cruel and are an out dated form of entertainment. Surely you would rather contribute to societies’ evolution instead of keeping it stagnating in the ignorance of animal exploitation.