Humane society offers top turkey alternatives for holiday feasts

turkey alternatives

Replace turkey and enjoy the rest of the festive meal

The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is offering compassionate consumers its top three picks for meatless turkey alternatives this holiday season.

VHS says all three are delicious replacements for the meat portion of a festive dinner but rated them as follows:

1)      Gardein’s Savory Stuffed Turk’y (Available at Whole Foods and Capers Markets)

2)      Field Roast celebration roast (Available at Karmavore, New Westminster)

3)      Tofurky Vegetarian Feast (Available at Whole Foods, Capers, Choices, Famous Foods)

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“Every holiday season people are looking for something festive to serve their vegetarian family members or guests,” says VHS executive director Debra Probert.  “These vegan products fit right in with traditional holiday meals, are easy to prepare and they taste great.”

Probert says that choosing alternatives to meat reduces the demand for turkeys, most of which suffer from selective breeding for unnaturally fast growth:  “Selective breeding has produced turkeys with breasts so large that mating naturally is impossible. The rapid growth results in health complications such as skeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Most turkeys are kept in crowded barns; eating, sleeping and defecating in the same place for their entire lives. They have no opportunity to express natural behaviours, or to experience fresh air or sunshine.  Their lives are dismal.”

Probert adds that it’s much easier to go vegetarian during the holiday season than people believe, thanks to the Internet.  “You don’t even need a soy-based meat substitute, and thanks to the Internet, there is a wealth of information online that makes it possible for anyone to make festive vegetarian or vegan meals,” she says.

Try turkey alternatives and save animal lives!