Please ask Rogers Foods to help end rodeo cruelty in Chilliwack

Calf-roping at the Chilliwack Fair rodeo.


Rogers Foods is a major sponsor of the annual Chilliwack Fair, which features a rodeo that many people oppose because of the suffering it causes to animals.

VHS has reached out to Rogers Foods on several occasions to ask the company to urge the Chilliwack Fair to eliminate cruel rodeo events from its program. We have not had a response so we’re asking the public to appeal to Rogers Foods to take a stand against animal cruelty by asking the Fair to drop inhumane events such as calf-roping, steer-wrestling and team-roping.

Please take a moment to send a message to Rogers Foods, asking them to urge the Chilliwack Fair to end rodeo cruelty. 

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Ask Rogers Foods to take a stand against rodeo cruelty

Dear Management at Rogers Foods

I am writing to ask Rogers Foods to urge the Chilliwack Fair to eliminate cruel rodeo events from its program.

As a key sponsor of the Fair, Rogers Foods has an opportunity to support an end to these inhumane events. As your products appeal to the growing market for plant-based foods, including ethical vegans and vegetarians who care deeply about animal welfare, your support would be welcomed and applauded by many of your current and potential customers. Polls show that 63% of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeos, as are the BC SPCA and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

Please ask the Fair to eliminate the calf-roping, steer-wrestling and team-roping events, all of which subject animals to fear, stress and pain for the sake of entertainment. Modern, progressive companies should not support outdated spectacles of animal cruelty. We hope you agree and that you will encourage the Fair to feature only family-friendly entertainment that everyone can enjoy.


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