Please fight for abused rodeo animals at the Chilliwack Fair

Calf-roping will continue at the Chilliwack Fair rodeo.


The Chilliwack Fair has decided that subjecting rodeo animals to fear, pain and stress for the sake of entertainment is okay with them.  On September 18th, the Fair announced it would continue to allow steer-wrestling and calf-roping at its annual rodeo.  The Fair says it will make some rule changes to the events, but that’s all.

The rule changes do nothing to address the fact that the animals will suffer just to amuse a crowd.  Terrified calves will still be chased, roped and thrown to the ground and steers will still have their necks twisted until they are forced off their feet. The cruelty shown in these photos from the Fair will still happen.

Sadly, this decision will add to Chilliwack’s recent history of animal cruelty incidents, damaging the city’s reputation.

Contact the Chilliwack Fair

Please email the Chilliwack Fair and let them know that these events are cruel and need to be dropped from the rodeo.

Key points to make:

The rule changes the Fair has announced do not prevent the animals from being subjected to fear, pain and stress for the sake of entertainment.

Terrified calves, only three months old, are chased, roped to a sudden halt, picked up and thrown to the ground before being tied up.  Steers have their necks twisted until they are literally bent to the ground.

The Vancouver Humane Society was joined by the BC SPCA, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and Animal Justice in calling for an end to steer-wrestling and calf-roping at the Fair.

A 2015 survey by polling company Insights West found that 66 per cent of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeo.

Contact the Mayor of Chilliwack

Please also email Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz and tell her how you feel about the Fair’s decision. Ask her to ban steer-wrestling and calf-roping in Chilliwack.

Key points to make:

Rodeo cruelty in Chilliwack hurts the city’s reputation. Chilliwack should stand for compassion not cruelty.

Visitors and investors will be attracted to a progressive city that values family-friendly entertainment, not outdated spectacles of cruelty.

Chilliwack City Council could pass a bylaw banning cruel rodeo events like steer-wrestling and calf-roping.


Thank you for your support!