Stop sled dogs dying

Sled dog races push dogs to their limits.


Sled dogs are dying in cruel, long-distance races.  You can help stop this.

Five dogs have died so far in this year’s Iditarod race in Alaska. One died in the Yukon Quest in February.

The deaths have prompted an impassioned plea from P.J. Johnson, the Yukon Poet Laureate and life-long Yukoner, to end these races. 

To sign a petition against the Iditarod and contact race sponsors click here.

Another petition has been launched by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

VHS is supporting a new documentary called Sled Dogs, which exposes the cruelty of sled dog races and tours.  It will be available on the CBC Documentary Channel later this year.  

More info on sled dog cruelty.


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  1. I speak for those without a voice. Please stop these gruelling long distance sled races.

  2. So true. I just think of dogs killed in Whistler.
    They are not treated well at all. Poor souls my heart ❤️ bleeds for them.

  3. There’s no need for this Old barbaric tradition. Old barbaric tradition. It just needs to stop.

  4. Why do you do this to these beautiful animals!!? You are running them into the ground!! Why are so many dying ? You are taking Care of them!! so this “Sport” or TORTURE must be banned ! NOW

  5. Please end this madness. These beautiful dogs are not here to die for humans pleasure or be slaves tohumans. This is so disgraceful and so very wrong! Let us start ending all animal cruelty and be good compassionate people.

  6. When people push animals (dogs) well past their limits, only to gain notoriety and a possible cash prize for themselves, and with dire consequences for the animal, is extremely disturbing! The use of animals for greed/profits and human entertainment, needs to STOP in this day and age. At the end of the day, the animal is the only one who suffers by the treatment that humans inflict upon them. Victims of neglect, abuse and cruelty in which they have no voice to object.