Cat Champions: Caring for our feline friends

In Cat Champions, animal advocate and chartered biologist Rob Laidlaw outlines the issues facing homeless cats; and he defines the lifesaving role taken by rescue organizations, shelters and sanctuaries.  Readers will discover what it takes to rescue, foster, socialize and adopt cats and kittens. But more importantly, he focuses on the people he calls “cat champions”–ordinary kids who have done some amazing things to make the lives of cats easier, happier and free from suffering. Price: $10.00.


VHS blank greeting cards

Our blank greeting cards are perfect for any occasion, they cost $7 for a package of six (shipping included), packaged in any combination you like. Email Debra at for special combinations of cards.

Variety pack of 6 blank greeting cards – $7.00

VHS Stickers & Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers, to spread the word! Also available, magnetic strips so you don’t have to sticker directly on your car. Bumper stickers $2.00 each. Magnetic strips $2.00 each. Please add $1.50 for postage for sticker only; $2.50 for bumper sticker with magnetic strip.







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Chicken NotecardsChicken notecard

The image on these beautiful note cards was painted by artist and VHS supporter Teresa Knight. These cards are blank and therefore suitable for any occasion, including Christmas. They even make great gifts. Cost: $12 for 8 (includes shipping)




Stuffed Animals

These super soft stuffed animals are the perfect way to show your support for farmed animals. You’ll love to hug and snuggle them! Price: $5.00 each, please contact Sara at to request a specific animal!