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Tags for Hope – ID tags that help animals in need!

We’re so excited to partner with Tags for Hope in offering their beautiful pet ID tags to our supporters, with 35% of all proceeds coming back to Vancouver Humane! These are quite possibly the best tags available for your companion animals (and make great keychains!), as there’s space for contact info, medical needs, and even your vet’s contact info on the back! Click through

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Rodeo Recap: Calgary Stampede 2019

In case you missed it, here’s our recap of this year’s Stampede: Six chuckwagon horses died during this year’s 10-day Calgary Stampede, with five dying or being euthanized as a result of injury, and one horse being euthanized for an “unrelated medical issue.”   This brings the total number of non-human casualties to 102 since 1986 (PDF), with almost 70 of those animals being

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Veganism is not the next culture war

It seems like Vegan athletes and celebrities are everywhere right now; there’s a vegan running for President of the United States, and Beyonce has made headlines the world over for promoting veganism with free concert tickets for those who give up animal products, and her fans are listening. Even the current WWE Champion, “The New Daniel Bryan” is a vegan, anti-corporate, environmentalist who recently

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