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Why Go Veg?


Two young black and white calves get to know each other.

For the animals

Almost all of us say we’re opposed to animal cruelty.  Yet more than 800 million farmed animals face horrific suffering and slaughter on Canada’s factory farms because of our overconsumption of cheap meat. They are crammed and caged in filthy conditions that don’t permit them to perform even the most basic natural behaviours. Most will never feel the sun on their backs or grass under their feet and their transport and slaughter conditions are equally horrific.



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For the planet

Meat consumption is a major factor in climate change. The United Nations estimates that the global meat industry is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions – more than all forms of transport combined. The industry has also been connected to nearly every other environmental ill our planet is facing, including air and water pollution, water scarcity, land and ocean degradation, and species loss.




healthiStock_000076995475_MediumFor our health

A growing body of literature links meat consumption to health issues including heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. All are in the top six leading causes of death for Canadians. Conversely, plant-based diets have been associated with good health and a longer life.




Get Active For Animals!


Muesli in heart-shaped bowl with fresh berries and milk

Make compassionate personal choices – Every time you sit down to eat you can stand up for animals.  By reducing your consumption of animal products you can make a difference.  Start with “Meatless Mondays” and cut back the amount of meat you eat. Try more plant-based recipes and some of the convenient meat alternatives now available. Take our plant-based pledge to receive a weekly recipe in your inbox! Check out EarthSave’s Veg Directory for veg-friendly restaurants, retailers, services and more! There’s never been an easier time to try a plant-based diet.  And it’s never been more important.


Volunteer design.Join our Go Veg Outreach Team – Leafleting is one of the most effective ways to help animals. Just one or two individuals can reach hundreds of people with detailed information in just an hour. Research shows that for every two leaflets handed out, one animal will be spared from a life of suffering on a factory farm. Email us to volunteer for our Go Veg Outreach Team.


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Order our veg booklet – If you don’t have time to leaflet but want to share the Go Veg message with friends and family, you can order a digital copy of our free Go Veg booklet here. Or you can order paper copies by calling the VHS office at 604 266 9744 or email us. The booklet has lots of useful information on why a plant-based diet is a great idea and how you can make a start. It includes some delicious plant-based recipes too!


Bring more plant-based options to your school’s cafeteria – Through our Meatless Monday and Plant-based Plates initiatives, we can help you get more plant-based meals on the menu! If you’d like to see this happen at your school get in touch with us via email. In the meantime, take our Plant-based Pledge and we’ll send you a plant-based recipe every week!



donateiStock_000025460918_SmallDonate to our campaign – Every donation helps us support individuals and institutions in making the switch to plant-based, saving thousands of animals from suffering on factory farms. With your support we can launch our Plant-Based Plates program in more schools, print more veg booklets, run more Go Veg bus ads and train more volunteers to distribute leaflets and engage with the public about animal welfare. Your donation will make a difference!