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Is fake meat the key to stopping the growth of factory farming?

Will food science provide an escape from our unsustainable and inhumane dependency on meat consumption and animal agriculture? Trying to stay positive about the future of farmed animals is not easy for the animal activists, ethical vegetarians and environmentalists who care about the animal cruelty and ecological damage caused by factory farms. While some might be cheered by the decline in meat consumption in

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Debate over meat heats up

    . .   Everyone’s arguing about meat. The recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning the cancer risk caused by consumption of red and processed meats has, predictably, provoked a heated debate in social and conventional media. While this is a human health issue, ethical vegetarians and animal activists naturally welcome evidence that may contribute to lower consumption of animal

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Happy Herd: connecting with animals

Stephen Wiltshire and Diane Marsh are living proof that connecting with farmed animals can profoundly influence someone’s life. They didn’t set out to become vegan and they certainly didn’t set out to start a farm sanctuary, but life—and the animals—had other plans.   With an idyllic rural property and a few animals already running around, it didn’t take long before they started rescuing animals

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New meat alternatives offer great promise

  .   But don’t look to ‘lab meat’ for a solution .   Guest post by David Steele There is a promising trend in food these days. Meat substitutes are on the rise. More and more plant-based meats that look and taste like their cognate animal products are coming to market. They have been in the news big time lately. The New York

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Go cruelty-free this Thanksgiving

Pity the poor turkey. An inconceivable 20 million will be slaughtered in Canada in 2015, many of those destined to grace family Thanksgiving dinner tables. Pity the turkey, the dairy cow, the chicken, the pig; in fact, pity all animals that are raised on factory farms to provide us with cheap meat and dairy products. They face horrific conditions on-farm.  Turkeys and chickens genetically

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Meatless Monday Goes To School

School is back and we at VHS couldn’t be more excited (sorry, kids)! You’ll recall we launched our Meatless Monday program this past spring, which even as the school year was winding down, was well-received by students in the Lower Mainland. Three post-secondary schools (Langara, BCIT and Trinity Western) joined the growing movement and multiple secondary schools expressed interest in bringing the initiative to

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Buddha-Full Fresh Juice & Smoothies: Building a cruelty-free community on the North Shore

Buddha-Full Fresh Juice & Smoothies represents an ethical, 100% animal friendly, community-based environment. Geremie Voigt and Kyla Rawlyns opened the café in North Vancouver five years ago. Buddha-Full proudly serves organic fresh juices & smoothies, raw organic cuisine, organic gluten-free baked goods, a full local retail section, and locally roasted coffee from Moja. VHS supports the growth of cruelty-free businesses and we were interested

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The five best places to get vegan ice cream in Vancouver

Warm weather is here, and with it an excuse to indulge in a scoop or three of ice cream. Although supermarket freezers are exploding with delicious vegan ice cream choices (Luna & Larry’s salted caramel & chocolate is a personal favourite), sometimes we all want to let someone else do the scooping while we enjoy a new flavour with friends. Fortunately, there’s no shortage

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Two ways of looking at animals

  With compassion This heart warming video about a goat sanctuary demonstrates animal sentience and capacity for emotion. As a commodity This CBC story shows how the same animal is viewed as just a product, whose only value is economic. Humans can choose not to treat animals as commodities by moving to a plant-based diet.