Have your say in Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan

The City of Vancouver is currently seeking public feedback through an online survey that will help inform the 5-year Climate Emergency Action Plan that will go to Council in November 2020. The deadline for submissions is May 24, 2020.

This is a crucial opportunity to encourage the City of Vancouver to prioritize food system change and a transition toward climate-friendly, humane and healthy plant-based diets as part of its climate actions.

Research suggests that a significant reduction in our consumption of animal products is necessary to keep global warming below the danger level of 1.5 degrees Celsius. This is due to the fact that animal-based foods are typically more resource-intensive to produce than other foods. A growing number of experts are calling on government and policy-makers to support a radical transformation of the food system and a shift, particularly in Western diets, toward plant-based eating patterns.

In Vancouver, the consumption of food makes up nearly half of the City’s ecological footprint. Ninety-eight percent of this food footprint is associated with the land and energy used for food production, particularly meat and dairy products, with the remaining two percent being transport-related.

Transitioning our diets and food system toward plant-based eating patterns will not only help protect the planet, but it will also help reduce the demand for animal products that drives the cruel factory farming system and contributes to the growing biodiversity crisis.

The City of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Response report identified the need to reduce emissions from Vancouver’s food and beverage industry (Accelerated Action #13b), including supporting individual dietary change and institutional food services.

Join us in encouraging the City of Vancouver, through the Climate Emergency survey, to ensure this action is incorporated into the 5-year Climate Emergency Action Plan. You can participate in the online survey before the May 24th deadline and use our submission as a guide to navigate the survey in order to provide feedback specific to food system and dietary change.

Curious about the climate impact of what you eat and drink? Check out this informative food & beverage calculator!

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