More Ways to Donate

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Appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds

Many donors are choosing to give investments to VHS. When donors sell an appreciated stock, they are required to pay a certain amount of tax on the capital gain. However, if they make a donation to VHS, thanks to the new tax rules introduced in the 2006 Federal Budget, they are exempt from capital gains tax.

Donors then receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes, based on the full market value of the securities at the time of the transfer.

To donate a stock certificate (whether it is in paper form or in a brokerage account) you need only sign a Letter of Authorization to transfer the shares. Once the stock is received into the VHS brokerage account, the value for the shares will be determined as of that date for preparation of the tax receipt.

To contribute appreciated publicly listed securities, contact your broker today, or call our financial planner, Nadia Abdel-al at RBC Dominion Securities at 604-678-5553 (email:


Life Insurance Policies

You can donate a life insurance policy by making VHS the beneficiary.  Every year, VHS will give you a tax-deductable receipt for the premiums. This will also reduce the taxes owing at the time of your death.

If you’d like more information about this or any other gift opportunity, please contact us at 604-266-9744 or email:


Endowment Funds provide lasting security

The VHS has an endowment fund with the Vancouver Foundation, the largest community foundation in Canada. The Vancouver Humane Society/Norma Berridge Endowment Fund provides the VHS with a yearly payout of income without jeopardizing the capital. Contributions to the fund increase the income that VHS can count on yearly to continue its important work.

The original donation is kept in perpetuity, with the charity receiving only the interest earned. Please contact the Vancouver Foundation at 604-688-2204 or for further information.


Donate by phone

Call VHS at 604-266-9744 to make a donation.


Donate by mail

Please make your cheque payable to the ‘Vancouver Humane Society’ and mail it to:

Vancouver Humane Society
303 – 8623 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6P 5A2