Workplace and in-kind giving

group of cage free chickens

Workplace giving

Many companies enable employees to give through the United Way.  The gift is forwarded to United Way, which then issues a receipt to the donor. Finally, the gift is deposited into the charity’s bank  account at predetermined times of the year. Your gift can be anonymous or the United Way can provide your name and contact information for the charity.

Other companies have established workplace giving programs involving a payroll deduction plan (where a small donation is automatically deducted from each pay cheque), a matching gift program (where the business matches the employee’s donation) or special event fundraising initiatives.

Find out if your business has an organized giving program and join in to support VHS’s animal protection campaign work. If your business doesn’t have a giving program, think about starting one.

In-kind giving

Gifts-in-kind, also known as non-cash gifts, are gifts of property. They cover items such as artwork, equipment, securities, and cultural and ecological property. These items must be assessed by an independent third party before the value of an in-kind receipt can be determined.

If you are interested in making an in-kind gift, please contact VHS by email, fax or phone.