Food, Friend, Why?

Our ad “Food, Friend, Why?” raises an important and provocative moral question: why do we eat one animal and befriend another? Most of us wouldn’t dream of eating a cat or a dog, but when one considers the intelligence and sentience of farmed animals, it doesn’t make sense to consider cows or pigs or chickens as somehow so different. We certainly don’t expect everyone

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Two ways of looking at animals

  With compassion This heart warming video about a goat sanctuary demonstrates animal sentience and capacity for emotion. As a commodity This CBC story shows how the same animal is viewed as just a product, whose only value is economic. Humans can choose not to treat animals as commodities by moving to a plant-based diet.              

Protest against the Luxton Rodeo

Please join with local animal advocates to protest against the Luxton Pro Rodeo in Langford, near Victoria, BC. Peaceful protests will be held on: Saturday, May 18th from 1pm to 4pm Sunday, May 19th from 1pm to 4pm Location: 1040 Marwood Avenue in Langford. (A preparation/information meeting will be held at 12:30 to 1 pm at the nearby Happy Valley School at 3291 Happy Valley

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Our new bus ad

Watch for our new ad, which is running on TransLink buses in Vancouver. We hope it encourages people to think about their food choices. There are millions of animals suffering on factory farms.  We can all help them by making compassionate choices.  More information here.

New shocks follow Europe’s horsemeat scandal!

The horsemeat scandal that has rocked Europe may be just the tip of the iceberg, as new revelations about the food supply emerge.  European consumers expressed revulsion when it was revealed that frozen lasagne and other products where contaminated with up to 100 per cent horsemeat. But now a new shock about food products has turned the stomachs of shoppers and diners in Britain

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Can you help find Levi?

Levi, a mini Australian Shepherd, went missing on December 18 in the area of 13th Avenue and Clark Drive in Vancouver.  He was last seen on December 23 near Kingsway and Glen. His guardians are desperate to find him and have advised that he is extremely shy and will run away if called or chased.  So if you see him please call 778-847-7045.  He is

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Tonka’s back on her paws

It doesn’t look like it, but this little girl had a lucky break.  Seven-month-old Tonka fell off a deck earlier this year and snapped both her front legs.  Her horrified guardians rushed her to a vet where her legs were set in casts, but they also learned she would need surgery to insert pins and plates that would save the use of Tonka’s legs. 

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Holiday potluck dinner

The Vancouver Meatless Meetup Group is teaming up with the Vancouver Humane Society for a fundraising potluck dinner on Saturday, December 15th. There are still a few openings, but they’re going fast! There will be lots of prizes to be raffled off, including two Christmas packages from LUSH (would make a great Christmas gift!), and gift certificates to restaurants and vegan stores. More info here. We hope

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Why we say “eat less meat”

Visitors to the VHS website will note that we have a project called ‘Eat less meat,’ which provides information on the consequences of meat production and consumption.  It explains the animal suffering caused by factory farming and also refers to the negative impacts on the environment and human health. And, obviously, it encourages people to respond to these issues by eating less meat. For

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