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The following advertisements are part of VHS’s Go Veg program, which focuses on educating and empowering individuals in making the transition toward a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. Please help us share the “Go Veg” message by sharing the ads to your social media pages. Share this ad


Help Proffit feel better again

Proffit the cat was rushed to the ER earlier this month when his owner Jacqui noticed he was having difficultly breathing. With a diagnosis of…
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Save owls and bears

Spotted owl habitat under threat The online magazine The Narwhal reports that the provincial government has approved clearcut logging in the Fraser Canyon, which is…
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Odie’s his old self again

The McVitie Veterinary Assistance Program has been helping pets of low-income caregivers get assistance for many years, ensuring guardians are not forced to surrender the animals they…
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Poisoned owl rescued by VHS supporter

Update: District of North Vancouver votes to ban rodenticides! District of North Vancouver Council has voted to ban anticoagulant rodenticides on district-owned properties. The unanimous…
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Anti-racism & decolonization

As an organization working to end the oppression of animals, we acknowledge that to advocate for social justice we must work together to challenge and…
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Help Brittney and Puggy

Brittney and Puggy’s story “Puggy came to me through a friend a few years ago, I have another cat named Jasper and they are buddies.…
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Help Brutus in his time of need

When thirteen-year-old Brutus developed a persistent cough and began bringing up fluid, his worried owner Carol made several trips to their vet. After two unsuccessful…
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Help Bubba

Exuberant English Bulldog, Bubba, injured his leg while playing at the park. When he began limping and showing signs of pain, his owner Holly took…
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Rocco’s story

Rocco’s owner, Fay, adopted Rocco when he was 2-years-old. On a limited pension from the government, Fay was nervous when Rocco started limping. He needed…
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Emergency plans must include animals

VHS letter calls for legislation to require local authorities to include animals in emergency plans VHS has submitted a letter to a provincial government consultation…
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Challenging captivity

VHS has a long history of opposition to animal captivity. Most recently, we published a report, commissioned from Zoocheck, that drew attention to a number…
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