More Ways You Can Help

Below are three causes that desperately need the support of dedicated and caring people like you. Join us to work together to make a better future for animals!

Fighting Rodeo Cruelty

Rodeo animals across the country, some just three-month old calves, are subjected to fear, stress and pain just to amuse a crowd. We’re leading the fight to end rodeo cruelty in Canada and our efforts have seen B.C.’s Cloverdale Rodeo drop four of the worst events, the Luxton Rodeo cancelled and the City of Vancouver ban rodeos altogether. Help us fight cruelty at other rodeos, including the Calgary Stampede.

Ways your gift can help:

  • $10.00 will print 50 rodeo cruelty leaflets
  • $50.00 will purchase a radio ad against calf-roping
  • $500.00 will run a stop rodeo abuse ad in a local newspaper

Ending Farm Animal Suffering

Today’s factory farms make animals’ lives miserable. Pigs in crates can’t even turn around. Caged hens can’t even flap a wing. Cattle endure branding, castration, and dehorning without anaesthetic. With your help we can change the way animals are treated.

Ways your gift can help:

  • $80.00 will supply a school with Meatless Monday promotional materials
  • $50.00 will purchase 100 veg booklets with recipes
  • $500.00 will run 1 bus ad for 1 month

Saving Sick or At-Risk Animals

The McVitie Fund helps animals who are in desperate need of emergency veterinary care, but are in danger of being given up or euthanized due to their guardian’s lack of resources. Most often we help people on low incomes like old age or disability pensions. They will do anything to help their beloved friends – sometimes they even go without food. We also fund low-cost spay/neuter to those in need. And right now, your donation will be doubled by an anonymous donor!

Ways your gift can help:

  • $50.00 will spay/neuter one cat
  • $100.00 will treat a serious infection
  • $200.00 will provide emergency dental care