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Iskut from Iskut, helped through McVitie Fund For Animals

Guest post by Desiree; activist, animal lover & McVitie fund for animals recipient This captivating dog was found wandering the streets of a small northern community, Iskut, B.C., all on his lonesome at the age of one month. It was pretty much love at first sight when the two of us locked eyes; him, in search of a mother and I in search of

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Animal rights news from VHS!

  Sign up for our new E-Newsletter VHS has launched a new E-Newsletter to keep supporters up-to-date on our campaigns against animal cruelty.  To receive the newsletter, which will be issued three times a year, sign up here.  Don’t miss out on news about the issues we’re working on, including: farm animal welfare, rodeo cruelty, Meatless Monday, animals in captivity and other animal rights topics.

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Investigate our new website!

Hey VHS supporters and animal advocates everywhere, check out our new website! Have a browse through the site, especially our Campaigns and Achievements sections – and feel free to visit the Donate page! Thank you to Miles Linklater at 24pt Helvetica for doing such a great job in putting the site together (and for being so patient). Many thanks to the Vancouver Foundation for their

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