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Tags for Hope – ID tags that help animals in need!

We’re so excited to partner with Tags for Hope in offering their beautiful pet ID tags to our supporters, with 35% of all proceeds coming back to Vancouver Humane! These are quite possibly the best tags available for your companion animals (and make great keychains!), as there’s space for contact info, medical needs, and even your vet’s contact info on the back! Click through

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Furry foes find friendship

Jack Russells don’t usually have rats for buddies. The terriers have been used to hunt rats since the 19th century and are known to be ferociously efficient at their job.  But, as these photos from an animal-loving VHS fan show, sometimes friendship can overcome generations of breeding and a tough reputation. Pictured above is Chibi giving a ride to his new friend Fizbo, an

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The dilemmas of modern vet care

In a recent article in the Globe and Mail, columnist Margaret Wente described the emotional ordeal she faced when her cat became ill, requiring prolonged and extensive medical care and, ultimately, euthanization. Wente also recounted the high cost of veterinary care, which millions of pet guardians face when their companions become ill.  For her, money was not a critical issue, but for most Canadians

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