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Animal suffering at BC’s Williams Lake Stampede

          . This past weekend, the 90th Williams Lake Stampede was held amid much local fanfare.  The event was described by the local newspaper as “four days of rodeo action and fun”. But it wasn’t much fun for the animals. VHS sent a photographer to Williams Lake to record what really happens at the Stampede.  The pictures on this page

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Why is animal lover Jann Arden promoting the Calgary Stampede?

Let Jann Arden know that rodeo is cruel – see actions below. Singer Jann Arden, long known as an animal lover, has been named as a joint-parade marshall for the Calgary Stampede parade, the event that kicks off the ten-day rodeo, fair and chuckwagon races. The announcement is a surprise, given Arden’s previously stated opposition to the chuckwagon races, shown in this tweet from

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Great news: Abbotsford rodeo cancelled!

  The Abbotsford Agrifair’s rodeo has been cancelled.  Organizers say the decision to cancel the rodeo was made to save money, but the event has been surrounded in controversy because of the inhumane treatment of rodeo animals. VHS has been campaigning against the Abbotsford rodeo for years, calling media and public attention to cruel events like calf-roping and steer-wrestling. Last year, nearly 2000 VHS

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Calgary Stampede under fire for purchasing favourable “journalism”

Canadaland reports that in 2011, the Calgary Stampede commissioned a piece to run in prestigious magazine Canadian Geographic. Journalist Curtis Gillespie thoroughly investigated, and ultimately wrote a piece entitled “Rodeo under scrutiny: The debate over animal care at the Calgary Stampede.”   Among other things, the balanced piece explained that horses were bred specifically to buck; horses who didn’t buck wildly enough were slaughtered.

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The ad they didn’t want you to see

Last Friday, the Vancouver Sun ran a story about the refusal of the Abbotsford News to run our anti-rodeo ad, pictured above. The ad shows a photo of the steer-wrestling event at the 2008 Abbotsford Agrifair rodeo. As the Sun’s story notes, VHS’s lawyers checked the ad.  There is no legal or ethical reason not to run it.  The ad is just expressing an opinion on

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Is the tide turning against rodeo in Canada?

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur .   There are encouraging signs that attitudes toward rodeo and chuckwagon races in Canada may be changing, if independent opinion in mainstream media is anything to go by. A recent editorial in the Vancouver Sun said that it was “hard to argue” with the description of the Calgary Stampede as “a spectacle of animal abuse.” In the same week, a

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Why does CBC Sports broadcast animal cruelty at the Calgary Stampede?

  Tell CBC to stop broadcasting violence toward animals. Sign our petition! CBC Sports has confirmed to VHS that it will once again broadcast the Calgary Stampede’s rodeo and chuckwagon races in July.  Despite severe budget cuts to its sports coverage, the CBC apparently is keeping its rodeo coverage intact. VHS has explained to CBC Sports executives that rodeo is considered inhumane by virtually

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Does Heart have a heart for rodeo animals?

Animal advocates in North America and around the world have been thrilled with the decision by a number of music industry artists to cancel concerts at SeaWorld, the controversial marine park in Florida. The cancellations were sparked by the stunning impact of the film Blackfish, which exposed the suffering of captive Orca whales at marine parks.  Online petitions and social media postings targeted the

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If you hate this…

… help us fight it. .   The Vancouver Humane Society will be carrying its campaign against rodeo cruelty into 2014.  If you’re opposed to abusing animals for the sake of entertainment, we hope you’ll support us.   Thank you to everyone who helped with our 2013 campaign. . .     .

Majority of BC residents oppose rodeos, trophy hunts and killing animals for fur

A majority of British Columbians are opposed to rodeos, according to a poll by research company Insights West. The poll found that 56% of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeos, with only 38% in favour of them. The poll also revealed that large majorities of people in B.C. are opposed to trophy hunting and killing animals for fur. “Across British Columbia, only one-in-ten residents

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